That smelly groundhog doesn't know anything.


That smelly groundhog doesn't know anything.

So you must have heard the news by now.  February 2 came, then went, and "Mr." Punxsutawny Phil (if that is his real name) said six more weeks of winter.  I am calling shenanigans on that news, he is not a meteorologist, he is a groundhog.  And I'm pretty sure they don't let groundhogs into meteorology school, he can't even talk, not to mention read, or take notes, or anything that is required to even marginally succeed at that level of learning.  And on top of all that... HE IS SCARED OF HIS OWN SHADOW!   I bet not one single Weather Channel employee is scared of their shadow, and people trained in weather sciences and NOT frightened by their own shadows are the ones I want to trust for weather info (unless they say that spring isn't coming soon (then they are wrong too (in fact, just start coming to me for winter-to-spring conversion reports))).  So its settled then, Spring starts today (or Tuesday if the release of Mighty Arrow is any indication) and we should all start acting accordingly. 

Don't get me wrong, I love snow related activities (and the cold weather associated with them), you know as well as I do that skiing is fun, sledding is awesome, and snowball fights are the best (until you peg your brother in the face and he bleeds and cries like a little baby) but come on, who doesn't love those blue bird spring days shredding up on the hill, sporting jeans tucked into your boots and going for it on top of that beautiful, thick, spring slush.  And not to mention lower land trails drying out and getting some real bike riding in (18 hours of Fruita is rapidly approaching), I believe we could all use some "saddle time" if you know what I mean.  Whether it be mountain bike shredding or just starting up that bike commute again (now that it's warm and Spring), it is good for all of us, and we need it to happen now. 

So believe it people, Spring is here, and its time to get outside and do something about it, like this guy (he's doing something about it):

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