And the light was just right.


And the light was just right.

So the other day I was walking into our wood cellar to hang out near theLa Folie when I saw some sun leaking in through the mini window on the garage door.  The light was splashing onto the foudres in the most beautiful way.  As the light hit a small piece of the white oak barrel it went brighter than the sun and left spots in my eyes, but I couldn't look away. And on the edges of the brightest spot the light diffused into a gentle illumination of the planks and bands of the coopered wood.  It sent my mind flurrying about the La Folie itself, strong and bright at first sip, shocking.  Then as the drinking of the glass progresses, and the beer is warmed up a little by the air and your hands, it mellows and the sour takes on a wide body and your tongue is left wanting another splash, then another, until all your mind and mouth can think of is the wonderful, dizzying, sour beer.

the light splashed on the foudres

Go forth and enjoy your Saturday my friends, it's going to be a duzie.



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