Here we go again.


Here we go again.

Hello my friends!  It is Wednesday morning and here at HQ we are busy hammering away at all things Beer related.  So far today I have restocked all the beer that the Liquid Center is going to need for the day, I have gone to taste panel (it's a tough job, but by golly, someone has to do it (and it may as well be me)), and now it's almost lunch.

So, today I wanted to bring up our Loose Lips Competition.  For those that have never heard of such a thing let me explain.  Once a quarter (4 times a year) a pitcher of beer is filled up, but this is no regular pitcher mind you, oh no, it is a mixed pitcher.  3 different beers end up in there and the percentages of said beers are the choice of the mixer (example: 50% Fat Tire, 35% Sunshine, 15% Abbey).  Then, the pitcher is brought into a room where all the prospective winners are sitting (any Co-Worker at New Belgium is eligible to play), and in front of these prospective winners is sitting an empty taster glass and a small piece of scrap paper.  We all get a small sample of the mixed pitcher for evaluation, we then write down what we think the mixed beers are, and in what percentages.  The person that gets the closest (usually right on the money) wins.  And what do they win (you are probably asking yourself)? They win the chance to team up with the Brewmaster and create the beer of their dreams.  This program has brought us such beers as Eric's Ale, Jessica's Porter, Ben's Saison, and most recently Tom's Beer. 

The real reason behind bringing all this Loose Lips stuff up now is that Tom's Beer is on its last 1/6th barrel and frankly world, I am really sad.  It was a delisicious, crisp, apple wheat, unfiltered, with just the right ammount of tart-i-ness.  The shear drinkability of Tom's Beer was a feat of it's own, but wieghing in at a hearty 6.0 ABV it was a beer not to be trifled with.  It will be sorely missed around here.  Just look at the sadness in Marie's eyes:

 marie in mourning

It surely is a sad, sad day.

But out of all this badness and loss we see a ray of golden light, and our dear friend and New Belgium brewer Andrew is holding the candle.  Andrew is our newest  Loose Lips winner and his beer is due out soon, so don't cry friends, there is a cure to our sadness on the horizon.

So with all of that behind us, I would like to wish one of my brightest and greatest inspirations, Burt Reynolds, a speedy recovery, and please know Sir, that beautiful mustache will bring you strength. 

On that note friends, I'm out.


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