Get stoked! This post will be a full combination.


Get stoked! This post will be a full combination.

I rarely use the word "stoked" in any of its forms; stoke, stoked, totally stoked, hella stoked, etc...  But the title of this post required it.  It is similar to my dislike for the word "epic" in everyday speech.  Words like that (epic, stoked) should be reserved for truly meaningful bits of phrase turning.  Like you shouldn't refer to a pair of pants as epic.  In no way are your pants epic, your pants can be nice, or comfortable, or possibly ill fitting, but not epic (on second thought, maybe one's pants could be epicly ill-fitting).  The same goes for stoke.  The term (this is most certainly an assumption) comes from building a fire, as in "Jeb, you better stoke that fire" said Pa.  And Jeb responded "I'll put some wood on it.  Then the fire will be totally stoked".  At this point Jeb and Pa require the fire for warmth and cooking in their pre-colonial frontier log cabin.  If their fire goes out it could spell disaster for the whole family.  So the way I see it, you should only use the word if the phrase being turned is super important and deserving of such huge language.  Back to the title of this post.  We are going to use today as a complete combination, think 4 devastating punches from Pacquiao, or maybe the number 4, with a diet, either way, get stoked, because it's all happening.

First: I would like to address a New Belgium Facebook status update of recent that really garnered some response, the question was: V-necks on dudes? Yes or No?  A simple, to the point type of question that really snowballed into something special.  I preformed some sampling and statistical analysis and found that 59% said no (with varying degrees of v-neck distaste) 34% said yes (also, some vary-ing-ness), 4% said it all depends (depends on chest hair, fitness levels, etc..)  2% said who cares (apparently the answer to that question is 98% of you), and 1% said wearing a v-neck is OK if you are from Europe (I wonder if this is like the whole socks and sandal combination?).  I would like to further this status update by asking if the Facebook sampling fair.  I think that we need other slices of the population to figure if those numbers are accurate across the board.  We need to ask people on Myspace (my suspicion on this point would be more yes's than no's), also a random sampling of public establishments wouldn't hurt either.  My guess that here at the Liquid Center, 25% of our male clientele are actually wearing v-necks upon receiving their tasters.  Take this guy:

deep v

It took me all of one second to find him, and it is not very busy in there this morning (due mostly to the continued snow and cold weather).  And I understand that depending on where you go you will get more of one than the other (yes's versus no's (v-necks versus crew necks)), but that is precisely the point of needing more information than simply Facebook.  So, over the course of the next few weeks I will be conducting a much more thorough study of this matter.  I will certainly keep you updated on my progress.

 Next point.  Did you folks know that it was just St. Patrick's Day?  To be perfectly honest, it kind of snuck up on me.  First came the parade on Saturday that dramatically lengthened my bike ride to work (it was all right though, I love riding bikes, and it was pretty nice out).  I pulled into Old Town to see lots of floats ad families getting ready to parade.  At first I was like "what's all the hub-bub?".  Then all the green came seeping into my eyes and I remembered that it is March and somewhere towards the middle of the month, so it must be St. Patricks Day!  The afternoon that followed carried a whole bunch of people into the Liquid Center, all looking to have a fun and celebratory day regardless of their heritage.  It was truly awesome.  But then Wednesday happened.  I walked into work and somebody shouted "HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!"  And I was all "that was Saturday" and then they explained to me that the 17th is in fact St. Patrick's Day and that Saturday was just a good excuse to celebrate it on a weekend, but the real celebration was in fact the 17th of March.  It was then that I called shenanigans on the whole matter.  I didn't want to sound like a no-fun-Charley, but it seemed to me that celebrating a holiday twice takes away from it's gusto and festive-ness.  About 25 minutes later this guy walked in:

and my attitude turned all the way around.  If you get to wear hats like that, I say let's celebrate St. Patrick's Day everyday.

Thirdly:  did you know that Ranger IPA comes in 22oz bottles? 

all teeth no eyes

 This is my favorite way to drink it (Ranger, that is) (and apparently this guy loves them too, look at him, all teeth, no eyes, a great moment captured).  I have always been a fan of the bomber, drinking beer out of a giant bottle really brings a smile to my face.  I know that you can pour the beer out of the bottle and into a glass, and even pour it into 2 glasses to share with a friend or a loved one, but man, sipping it straight is fulfilling, and you can share it that way as well.  Two folks slugging one bottle, reminds me of Tortilla Flat or some such thing, sitting around a barrel fire, passing around the jug, laughing, good times.

Well that brings us to the end.  May all the roads be slightly downhill with the wind at your back.



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