Are you a film-maker in disguise?


Are you a film-maker in disguise?

I know I am.  And now I have the perfect outlet (and so do you, film-maker in disguise):  The cLIPS of FAITH beer and film festival.  The good times are soon to be falling on us from above my friends, in 14 cities nation wide, coast to coast, between the Atlantic and the Pacific, and we all have the opportunity to participate.  Make a mov(i)e, tell a tall tale, create.  This is our chance to try and get famous.  My movie will mix whimsy, a broken down shack, my mother, and out-sider banjo music (this is my idea (don't steal it)).  Now I realize that as a New Belgium Brewing Company employee I am not eligible for victory, but that isn't going to stop me from creating something beautiful (or possibly destroying something beautiful (I'm not sure yet)) all to a homemade sound track of wails and whales.  This is the event that I have been waiting my whole life for.

And to round out the whole she-bang, Lips of Faith beers will be made availible to all of us at the festival spots.  That means sitting on the grass watching something homemade and sipping on some La Folie.  Sour brown and movies.  It's like Burt Renyolds' mustache holding hands with awesome, things like this don't come around very often, so when they do you should show up, participate, take pictures, tell your friends. 

I will see you there good people of the world, I will surely see you there.


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