THAT DAY! is here. And it's today!


THAT DAY! is here. And it's today!

Well it's time to break out the shades and cut your jeans into jean shorts (it sure ain't January anymore), because today in Fort Collins is THAT DAY!  THAT DAY! is a wonderful holiday brought to my attention by some friends that celebrate it every year.  The beauty of this particular holiday is that you never know when it's coming (and it can vary dramatically depending on where you live).  But it happens when the weather reports have been poured over and the doplar has been checked and re-checked, we all know it's going to be awesome, then Hugh (he lives in Omaha (and from what I understand amateur meteorology is his passion)) calls it.  And last night Hugh decided (with some local imput (thank you Katy et al.)) that Fort Collins THAT DAY! was going to be today.  And It is today friends that we finally get to forget that winter even happened.  Let the celebrating begin, because the Fort Collins today looks like this:


But in order to celebrate you need to know how to celebrate.  From what I understand, on THAT DAY!, all of us have to ditch out on work early, grab a sixer of your favorite beer (my favorite is Mighty Arrow (that could be your favorite also)), and head out-of-doors.  Do your favorite outside activity and have a good time enjoying the weather.  Now I understand that the first day out in direct sunlight can be a bit shocking to your system, but know this people, it will be worth it.  Today we hang out in the sun, maybe make some new friends, and drink beer for all of it.  It truly is something special.

And to my dear readers outside of the front range of Colorado area, know that  this is your holiday too.  Maybe it already happened for the year (if that is the case use today as a belated celebration), or if you live someplace that THAT DAY! hasn't happened yet know this, it will come, and when it does celebrate until rainbows start pouring out of you ears. 

So let's crank it to eleven today because the warm times are upon us, and winter (the twenty-ten edition) is a mere memory.  Come together on this day friends and let the sun know that we love the way it feels shining on our smiling faces.

-Happy THAT DAY! everybody,


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