Just another Tuesday.


Just another Tuesday.

Ok, so I know it's Wednesday, but I usually get a post up on Tuesday and I couldn't make it happen yesterday, so let's just call today Tuesday (for my sake). 

It has been cooking around ol' HQ lately, with the release of Eric' Ale and Belgian Blond the Liquid Center has been slammed (people love those beers (if you haven't  tried these beers you should, and then you will be one of those folks that love them too)).  We have been giving a lot of beer away (tasters, tasters, tasters), but selling a ton as well (people love filling growlers, it's sustainable and delicious).  This picture below was the cooler pull for the Liquid Center this very morning, and it's only Wednesday (or is it Tuesday (I forget)):

todays cooler pull

That is 9 half barrels, 2 quarter barrels, 4 sixth barrels, and a whole mess of packaged beer.  Talk about  heavy, when I was pulling the pallet to the unloading zone I thought my arms were going to rip right off (luckily (for me) they didn't).  That load is probably nearing 2,000 lbs, but worry not my dear readers, I am tough as nails (and I had the sinewy arms of Cookie to back me up (and to be honest, she did most of the work, I just kind of hung back and thought about things to blog about while she pushed the loaded pallet jack)). 

 Well that's about all I got for today friends, but tune in on Friday when we take a trip to the micro-biology lab, and I find out (among other things) if your supposed to hyphenate micro-biology.  Until then,


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