Tuesdays are not as cool as Sundays


Tuesdays are not as cool as Sundays

As you can probably tell from the title I am back at work after a totally awesome weekend.  This weekend was a pair of days without rival, there was bike riding, cleaning, hanging out, beer drinking, and live music seeing.  But let's start with the bike ride.  It was fun and long.  As you know, I am in training for the upcoming 18 hours of Fruita.  It is a long and hard race that consists of me sitting on my bike for 18 hours in a row.  Sounds dumb right?  Well I have been trying to ride myself into some semblance of in-shape-ed-ness for some time now and Sunday was one of those days.  It all started when I left the house with my lovely bride and peddled over to meet some friends.  At 11:30am we met up with those friends and started riding east.  And through a culmination of bike paths, paved roads, single-track, dirt roads, highways, and a strange canal system we glided right into Greeley Colorado only to turn around and start riding back.  We decided on a slightly straighter, more direct route home and rolled back into the driveway at almost 7pm.  Major shred on the bike, major time in the saddle, major Ranger downed upon completion.  The beauty of it all is that I was still charging when we got home and the following morning I felt almost no residual soreness.  So as of right now, if the race was called 7.25 hours of Fruita I would totally finish well, but it isn't, it's called 18 hours, which means that I am on track to place solidly in the rear of the field at the completion of the 18th hour.  But on this ride I came across this sign:

 The beautiful wind swept field and the nice cloud formation are great, but that sign is depicting a road called "BUSS GROVE" and that is where I want to live.  Doesn't it sound like the nicest place on earth?  I am picturing Sunshine and public benches with friendly people sitting on them, and public transportation that is free and timely and has comfortable seats.  Not to mention "BUSS GROVE" is probably a community with unrivaled public schools and affordable housing.    Are you picturing this?  Isn't is wonderful?

On to the other stuff.  The weekend finished up with some hanging out of the highest caliber.  The wife and I took the dog to the vet (poor old fella got a few teeth pulled), we then sat on the porch, ran a few errands, and finished it all up with some live music at Fort Collin's very own Aggie Theater.  The band in question was Lucero from Memphis, Tennesee.  I have seen them a whole bunch of times now, but last night's show was one of the best.  They played some classics, some new stuff and a wonderful cover of "Kiss the Bottle".  Everytime I hear that song I can't help but think of 22oz bottles of Fat Tire.  And luckily, last night, the two went hand in hand.   

So that was great weekend, and sharing it with you was fun, and looking into the coming week I hope that it's end is even more awsome.



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