May is here and with it comes excitement.


May is here and with it comes excitement.

Around here (New Belgium HQ) May 1 is a date to be welcomed (and hugged, with vigor).  It carries a special weight that not all month starters carry.  And what I am talking about here is the release of our summer seasonal Skinny Dip.  This is a great time because the warmth of summer can be poured in after the cold dregs of winter are finally washed out from the bottom of the glass of life.  It is a great day people, let's celebrate. 

And here at HQ when a new seasonal comes out (and we're in the mood for celebration) we get to enjoy some wonderful new art by everybody's favorite shadow box maker (and photo-shooter extraordinaire) John Johnston.  And this time around Mr. Johnston has out done himself again.  A couple of mornings ago he walked in with this:

Absolutely beautiful.  Skinny Dip holds a special place in all of our hearts because of the good it can do, and this shadow box, as well as John Johnston (and many, many others) are all helping with this cause.  Check out the video for yourself and expand your horizons (maybe get involved):


So Lets recap, Skinny Dip is out and you should drink some, all the while helping the Colorado River, the beer is nice and crisp, easy to drink, and (let us not forget) figure friendly, so we all can continue to shine come swimsuit (or sans swimsuit) season.

Now then, let's look at these two fellows:

seth and foos relaxing

They are just relaxing in the wonderful garden off the back of the brewery, enjoying some wonderful New Belgium summer offerings (notice the Ranger IPA can (!)along with the glass of delicious looking beer).  These two are just sitting around talking about what the rest of the day might bring (thumb wrestling tournament? giant Jenga (who knows)) when BAM! they realize they are on a swing, so they set forth to the swinging, and the furthering day is no longer an issue:

And can you see the summer enjoyment springing forth from the hearts and minds of these two friendlies, Fun has never looked so great.

So on that note dear readers this JUICEBOX guy is heading for the hills.

I'm out.

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