Fruita is in the books and Sunshine Wheat tastes really good.


Fruita is in the books and Sunshine Wheat tastes really good.

Well it is Wednesday the 12th of May and here in the Fort Collins the snow is falling, winter just doesn't want to let go.  But move forward we must, so moving forward is what we will do.  This past weekend brought the annual 18 hours of Fruita bicycle race, and as you may know I participated in this event.  I made the foolhardy decision to go it alone in the solo category and the pain and tiredness is sticking around to prove it. So below is a little (read brief) recap of the event.

It all started early on Friday, I was picked up by a loaded truck and trailer at 6AM.  5 of us proceeded towards the western slope.  Along the way we purchased lottery tickets for everyone, 4 lost, 1 won (a dollar).  This losing record could have been taken as a bad sign for the hard hours to come, but I took it as just another punch in a long string of punches that would land, through the weekend to come, in all parts of my body.  We then arrived at the race course following some delicious grub at the Hot Tomato and I set about resting.  I really wanted to be ready for the impending midnight start so laying down seemed like a good idea.  I was only on my feet for a minute to play a quick game of washers (VICTORY!) and also to witness this:


(side note, not only did he walk away virtually unscathed from this failed back flip (back dive?), he went on to ride a lions share of laps (3 laps(a small lion))).

Midnight arrived and I strapped on shoes and shorts and helmet and went about racing for the next 18 hours.  It was dusty and dark at first, then the cold set in. But I rode laps until the sun came up, then I found myself in deep, dark hole number one.  I needed a breakfast burrito and some words of encouragement but after a little time fireside I was back out there, riding bikes.  Three laps later things were getting weird and I was getting woozy and so I pedaled directly into deep, dark hole number two.  It happened pretty quick following the first hole, but it took much, much longer to shovel my way out.  The sun was out and my back hurt and at that point in the day laying in the grass was way more fun than riding bikes.  But after a quick massage from my wonderful bride and some whispered words of gentle motivation I pedaled onward for a few more laps.  During these laps I suffered a major mechanical failure (followed by a fantastic repair (thanks Bogan)), a few small emotional failures, and I ate maybe 50 Twizzlers licorice sticks.  Then 6pm happened and it was all over.  And I felt like I had just ridden my bike for a really long time.  Beers were consumed and tacos were eaten and I fell asleep fireside at 8:25PM.  13.5 hours of sleep followed and then I went home, and on my way home I enjoyed what is to this day the best Bloody Mary ever slurped threw these lips at the Peach Street Distillers in Palisades, Colorado (side note, also home-base of the best Gin ever (Jackelope Gin), I bought a bottle for home consumption).  When I got home I slept for another 14 hours.  And now, 4 days following race completion my knees hurt, my back is tired, I am still exhausted, but my spirit is very much alive and training for Fruita 2011 starts as soon as this snow melts.

Now then let's proceed to how great Sunshine Wheat tastes.  It is really good, nice and sweet, citrusy and smooth.  Perfect for these summer days out in the hot sun.  If you follow the link to the Sunshine Wheat page you can find yourself a few awesome food pairing ideas as well (true for all the beer pages across the board at  But if French Brie isn't your cup of cheese, but you are still looking for a great food pairing with this wonderful wheat beer try Sunshine with a roller dog and a little classic yellow mustard, simply heaven.

On that note my friends I am going back to figuring out how to bath in Ben-Gay,


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