TGIF my friends, TGIF.  And what does this Friday hold for you?  Well let me tell you, it holds some Graduation weekend at CSU, it holds a link to find all of your Tour de Fat queries, and it holds a picture of Burt Reynolds.

So let's begin.  This is Graduation weekend here in Fort Collins and that spells mayhem in the Liquid Center.  All of our local college aged regulars will be stopping by the tasting room with people that look like them, only slightly older.  They will be showing their parents where they spent their free time leading up to college matriculation (you know, when not studying).  They will be wandering around the brewery, taking tours and tasting beer, and we will be helping commemorate their achievements with fun, games, tours, smiles and the miniature beers that they have grown accustomed to tasting.  It will be a mad house of laughs.  You too should come by, even if it took you 11 years to finish college before you finally graduated in 1992 (or even if college wasn't your choice), either way it's going to be really fun and remember, playing giant Connect Four and sipping a taster of Fat Tire is never a bad decision.

The Tour de Fat is coming, the first date is only 5 short weeks away.  You can check out the whole schedule here, or you can get a taste of what's coming here, or you can see if trading your car and your commitment for a brand new bicycle is something you might be interested in.  But in the end the Tour de Fat is heading your way and the shenanigans are in tow.

 And they're being towed in this.  A lot of fun can fit in that trailer, and I hope you show up to enjoy it.

Well that about wraps up today, but in closing I give you this:


And with that good people I head into the office.


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