That is correct my friends, this week let's all get together and celebrate the Craft Beer World.  This is the Mother of All Beer Weeks and celebrate we will. 

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American Craft Beer Week
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Here at New Belgium HQ we will be partying all week with fun, games, giveaways, prizes and general shenanigans.  Are you ready?  I am.  And let's take a quick look around the country for some more festivities: there is a BBQ in Bend, OR at the Deschutes Brewery, there is a 5-course brewers dinner in Prescott, AZ at the Prescott Brewing CO, and the Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis is having beer passport events all week.  This is just the quickest of all event smatterings, you can look here for things going on in your neck of the woods (and there is something going on near you, just take a look).   And remember if you are in Fort Collins this week come on by the Brewery, things are going to get fun (beer fun (weird fun)).

And to culminate our week in Fort Collins, Friday from 2 to 5pm here (at New Belgium HQ) we are having a Beer Geek Conference.  You, the American Craft Beer Geek should come on down and show up with a bottle of your (second) favorite Craft Beer and hang out with each other and with our Brewmaster, Peter, and our Assistant Brewmaster, Grady.  Then everyone is going to sip on some of our favorite beers while we discuss general beer geekery and the advantages of American Craft Beer.  If this doesn't sound like fun you're crazy, because it is going to be fun, and all of you are invited, just show up at the Brewery and let us steer you in the right direction.

And remember, if your not having fun with Craft Beer this week this guy will know:

And you wouldn't want to make him frown would you?

That is all for today good people.



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