Thursday. Yep.


Thursday. Yep.

A dear friend of mine hosted a bicycle ride last night dedicated to the wonders corduroy and polyester.  He felt that the prevalence of tweed rides in this world was getting out of hand and some of our other favorite fabrics should be accounted for, polyester and corduroy are two of the best, so he chose those.  We started by eating pizza at the Surfside 7, the pizza there is good, thin and real delicious, you can put pretty much whatever you want on top by the slice (my kind of place), not to mention the best jukebox in town.  So it was there that we all met up in our corduroy and polyester enjoyed some New Belgium beers on special (2 dollar pints, call for details) ate the previously mentioned pie and then jumped on bicycles.  Whilst on those velo-cycles we maneuvered up the Poudre River bike path towards our friendly neighbor to the west (and a little north) known as LaPorte.  This lovely little hamlet is home to another great bar, The Bar Double S

Here is a pic of the bike pile outside the Bar Double S:

Better than Bacon was playing the live musical stylings and out on the patio (maybe the best patio in northern Colorado (seriously)) all of us were hanging out (in polyester (or maybe corduroy)) throwing a small ring suspended on a string towards5 a hook 35 feet away.  This game is hard and I am no good at it (that was really difficult for me to type, as I normally excel at games like this).  It was a really nice time for everybody and we decided that maybe we should do this ride more often.  And maybe we should continue to celebrate the many fabrics of our lives (awesome pun executed). So it has been decided, Surfside 7 on the last Wednesday of the month dressed in a different fabric each ride(more details on next months fabric to come (when said fabric is decided upon)).  So mark your calenders dear readers and mark them in pen because you are invited.

And know this, the bar has been set high:

 And with that, I'm out. 


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