Vacation Time.


Vacation Time.

So I am heading out for the airport in a couple minutes, but before I go let's talk about a few things.  One, the first Bike Yourself drawing for a Cruiser happens today on the Facebook.  Quick, get entered.  Go to the New Belgium Facebook page and bike yourself.  It's fun, funny, and a really good way to get your hands on a 2010 (twenty-ten) New Belgium Employee cruiser bike.

Secondly, I will be posting from the wilds of my former home, Portland, Oregon over the coming days.  There is all sorts of wierd things to do in that town, so stay appraised of the situation on New Belgium's Facebook feed or maybe on the Twitter (@carnie_NBB), there will be shenanigans, of that I assure you. 

And finally, I offer this:


Can you believe it?  Pancake batter in a can, and it's organic (AND ON SALE!)!  I just got really hungry for breakfast, review and food pairing coming soon.


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