Dunk tanks, water slides, and further weekend shenanigans.


Dunk tanks, water slides, and further weekend shenanigans.

Well it's Tuesday, which marks the beginning of my work week.  I am ready my friends, I feel refreshed, recharged, and full of hope for the coming days.  And why do I feel so good? The weekend past was full of so much happiness that I almost passed out.  Let's go over it.

Saturday:  I was working, slanging tasters and giving tours.  NBB HQ sure can get full of nice people when a Saturday rolls around.  I gave two tours all totalling 50 fantastic times (51 if you count me twice), we poked around the plant, drank a couple beers, took some lovely pictures and some folks even tried to win a bike (you can win one too, just go here and bike yourself).  Saturday also marked a sad day in the LC for two reasons: one, Tom's last day.  Here is Tom looking really nice (all teeth, no eyes):

Tom no longer works in our department, he is now wrangling himself some raw materials, we wish him the best of luck. 

Sad Saturday reason two, no more Tansatlantique Kriek.  This beer has been in stock at the Liquid Center coolers for a while now and it's time to say goodbye.  We officially sold the last of our bottles and it was a teary occasion for sure (I wept (uncontrollably)).  But fear not good readers, there is a few bottles out there in the world ready for purchase in fine package stores the country wide (at least in our distribution areas), so go and find some, or go here to find some, the beauty of the pink head is something to behold (and drink). 

Saturday evening rolled around and fun was had.  We went out and played foosball, drank Eric's Ale out of a tap, and took shaker face photos.  If you don't know what shaker face photos are, let me explain: first have a beer (not mandatory, but recommended), then shake your face side to side really fast, and mid shake have a friend or loved one snap a photo.  It looks like this:

Can't you just smell the fun coming off that guy?  Now you should go try it and let me know how it turns out.

Then Saturday evening came to a close, we headed home to get ready for the Sunday that was in store.

And then the sun came up (you couldn't really see it due to the greyness of the shy, but trust me it was there) and with it I jumped out of bed.  The wife and I bummed around the house for a while, did a few chores and then headed over to Mikey C's for the kick off to summer.  It was drizzling on and off all day so the sunny break we received for the bike ride over was very lucky indeed. And upon getting there we realized that this was no regular party, there were bands, BBQ, beer, a giant inflatable water slide, and a dunk tank.  That's right ladies and gentleman, a dunk tank.  It wasn't really getting used at all (possibly due to the cold temperatures and the rain) but we tried our hardest to get people in there.  We tried bribing kids, paying teenagers, betting, rock-paper-scissors, everything, and none of it was working.  Then out of nowhere Bogan stepped up.  I think he may have been ready for a bath or something, but either way, he stripped down to skivvies and hopped up on the plank.  It took me a few throws to hit the mark, there was a crowd gathering and the nerves were flaring, but after a few throws, BOOM, I nailed it and he went crashing into the water.  Lucky for us my beautiful bride had the fore-thought to document the moment digitally, and she came up with an awesome picture:

Again, the fun is smellable, and look at that water displacement, something special.  She really caught the moment, thank you Megan.

The rain then started to fall again and Bogan was pretty cold so going back in the dunk tank was not really an option (I was going to do it, but i am allergic to water), so we moved on to find different entertainment.  Fierce Bad Rabbit is what we found and those folks can throw down  Check this video out, you'll probably enjoy it, then go here and buy their album, I did and it's really good.


After they finished their set I continued to try and talk my friends into things that they would later regret and the water slide seemed to be the best option.  My friend Tyler and I love to play the rock-paper-scissors and bet on its outcome.  I have not won in months, but I figured I was due, so I laid it out for him:  I win you get in a trash bag and go down the water slide, you win I get in a trash bag and go down the water slide, best of one, loser slides.  I threw rock (which I never do),  he threw scissors (which he always does) then he started climbing the stairs to look into the eyes of the beast (and by that I mean to slide down the inflatable water slide).  He took the loss well and bellied up to the bet:

And upon sliding he was still fully clothed and sitting in that trash bag looking sweet:

I am proud of him, he is a gentleman, and his cell phone only got a little damp, so no big deal.

When our shenanigans were drawing to their logical conclusion someone suggested we head over to Road 34 for a couple of beers, and who am I to argue, so we saddled up and rolled the Spring Creek Trail all the way.  Upon getting to the bar we ordered some Eric's Ales (get them while they're hot (and still around)) and launched into yet another round of shaker face.  Two rounds of shaker face in two days may not be the best idea, but caution had been thrown to the wind right around the dunk tank so there was nothing left to stop us, a besides no one would play me in foosball. 

Peddling home was fun, cut through campus and I bent the chain guard on my cruiser while getting rad on some steps (sorry no photo), crash was barely averted and the dry warmth of my bed was just what I needed.

Monday: Still the weekend and I slept, a lot. Then did some chores and made dinner, pasta with red sauce and a side of seared kale with olive oil paired with a Blue Paddle.

So there it is folks, now you understand why I feel so rested and ready for the week, because remember my friends weekends are for not working, just having fun.




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