First Kriek and now Biere de Mars?


First Kriek and now Biere de Mars?

That's right folks, after last weekend's tearful goodbye to Transatlantique Kriek I now have more sad news; we are on our last few cases of Biere de Mars.  The photo below represents the last of our, the Liquid Center's, stock of this classic:


There are a few places around the town, and country that still may have a few bottles in their cooler, but if you want a bottle from the source now is your chance, don't delay, or you will miss out.  To give a quick run down of this beer I will say this, It is a wonderful beverage in the traditional Biere de Gaarrdstyle, brewed with wheat along side the barley and some whole oats to add a creamy mouth feel this treat is spiced with lemon verbena and finished Brettanomyces to carry a lovely sensation of over-ripened pineapple and the lemon zest lends it a dry, citrusy finish.  Come get yours.

And in other news, in the weather front ofnorthern Colorado we have been experiencing some rains as of late.  The Cache la Poudre is approaching the June Rise and all of our gardens are in bloom.  But it being Colorado, with all of this moisture comes copious amounts of sunshine, and those paired together bring rainbows.  I was walking to work the other afternoon, the rain had just stopped and the sun peeked its face out, then BOOM, a beautiful rainbow.  What made this rainbow special was that the end stuck right into the roof of NBB HQ:

 (the brewery itself is a little tough to see in the photo, but trust me, the rainbow sticks right into the roof).

The only thing that would have made it more awesome would have been two unicorns slow dancing to "Endless Love" on top of the colorful arch (but that didn't happen (at least not that I could see)).

So on that note my friends, have a great weekend and I look forward to speaking with you on Tuesday.


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