Belgo IPA, it is good.


Belgo IPA, it is good.

So we have a new entry in the world of Lips of Faith and it is Belgo IPA.  This beer is a five hop IPA with Amarillo, Chinook, Cascade, Willamette and Simcoe.  These wonderful little plants (and malts, and water and stuff) are then paired with a Belgian yeast for a match made in heaven. This is a mix made to party (as you can tell from the disco ball on the label):

(see, it likes to party, it's dancing right now)

These 22 ounce bottle conditioned beers hit the streets yesterday and can be found in beer stores and bars starting now, or in you live in town you can come by the Liquid Center and give it a try, then buy a few bottles to take home with you, because like I said up top, it is good.

-see you Tuesday,


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