Loose Lips... explained.


Loose Lips... explained.

Around the old beer factory we have a grouping of beers known as the Lips of Faith.  These beers tend to be the smaller batches, more esoteric, more (dare I say...) experimental.  And onto this group we also pile the contest winning Loose Lips beer.  This contest has become a tradition around here and it is something that we are all proud of.  Here today I am going to explain it all to you. 

Back several years ago we decided that having a contest among co-workers would be fun.  The winner would get to team up with the brewers and design the beer of their dreams.  The contest has been more or less the same since it's inception, and the rules are simple; a pitcher of beer gets get poured, but into said pitcher flows not one, but three beers in varying percentages, say 50% Fat Tire, 35% Sunshine Wheat, 15% Abbey.  All the co-workers that want to participate are corralled into a room far away from the tap towers of the tasting room (as to not see whats being poured).  All these co-workers are armed with three things; an empty taster glass, a piece of scrap paper, and a pen.  When the pitcher of the beer mixture is brought into the room it is divied up into each participant's small glass, they look at the beer, smell it, and taste it, useing those senses to detect what the three different beers could possibly be.  They then write down what they think the three beers are, and in what percentage.  The pieces of paper are then handed in and the results are tallied.  The person that gets the closest wins.  And winning is a big deal.  The winner gets to brew what they want in the brewhouse and the beer is then packaged in kegs for sampling in the Liquid Center as well as drinking from large glasses in a few bars and restaurants around our great country (but mostly in Fort Collins).  Some previous winners have been Tom's Beer, Adam's ale, Eric's Ale, Jessica's Porter, and many others (anyutime you see a New Belgium beer with someone's name followed by a beer type or style it is a contest winner.  This contest is one of my favorite things about working here (i have yet to win, but believe you me, my day is coming).

The reason I bring this up now is that on Wednesday we had another contest and we have another beer coming.

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