Tuesday is upon us again, and with it: more blog.


Tuesday is upon us again, and with it: more blog.

It's Tuesday, just watched a great Le Tour stage (push it Shleck!), I've got the tunes pumping, and now it's time to blog away.  And today I have this to offer, let me introduce you to Robert and Aaron:

As you can tell from the photo these boys are going places (Portland to be exact), and you may also be able to tell (from the length of their beards in the photo) is that they have been places as well.  These two gents are the brain trust behind Bikeloc.org and what they are doing is pretty cool.  They are pot-lucking across America, starting in Vermont and heading towards Oregon, these two meeting up with local folks to talk about local food.  They want to meet up in your town, slow cook some slow food and sit around and eat it with you, all the while discussing the local food movement.  They are ready to gab about most anything related to this topic; gardens, local food distribution, the war to legalize chickens, whatever you got they have something to offer.  You should try to meet up with them, I did.  When we got together we talked about beer mostly, and bikes, and how nice they look in their cycling caps.  We also didn't really eat anything, just drank a couple beer tasters together and I invited them to our (Fort Collins) bike prom that happened just the other night. The three of us had a nice time at the brewery and I wish them well on their future pedaling.  You can check the out at their link above, or maybe check out their facebook page at this link.

So there it is people, now it's time to go outside and do something fun.


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