It's Friday, what does your weekend look like?


It's Friday, what does your weekend look like?

Mine is looking great.  Come Sunday I will be heading over to the mid-western region of our great country to visit some family, hang out with old friends, and shred some bikes.  St. Louis is also home to the Full Moon Fiasco and it is happening this Sunday evening and I will be attending.  It has been a few years since my last appearance and this next one is long over do.  If you are unsure as to what the Full Moon Fiasco is let me tell you; it's a bunch of folks that get together the evening of the full moon at the same location every month.  The location is a park in the city of my birth with a few giant stone turtles.  At 10:30pm everyone congregates and at 11:00pm the bike ride leaves.  There is fun and shenanigans to be had by all that show up, and anybody can show up, the only rules are that once you ride in one fiasco you are a lifetime member for life and the other rule: don't be a jerk.  Simple, straight forward, and really fun.  At the completion of the ride you are usually very far away from the starting point so you start heading home.  Sometimes you get lucky and the end point is somewhere near your own personal end destination, but usually this is not the case.  So friends if you find yourself in the Gateway to the West this Sunday and want to shred some two wheelers meet me there, I'll be the handsome guy riding his mother's bike.

Next up: another great food pairing!  On Wednesday night I found myself at a Bar-B-Que and the food was outstanding, there were sliders (you know... miniture burgers), cheese filled hotdogs, shishkababs, and a huge smattering of fruit.  It is summer and the fruit is tasting really good right now, berries, early peaches, and my favorite watermelon.  I love watermelon because it's just so easy and delicious.  I could sit back and eat a whole watermelon if given the time and a comfy chair, I like it that much.  So a few of us were sitting around eating watermelon and having a few beers when it hit me:  Blue Paddle goes really well with this watermelon.

A traditional food pairing with Blue Paddle (a bit on the spicy or bitter end of the Pilsner spectrum) would call for something on the spicier side of food, like a curry, or shrimp with cocktail sauce (a shrimp cocktail?).  But this watermelon and Blue Paddle just struck me so easily as a great pairing and here is why: they are both so refreshing.  The cool watermeolon in your mouth is so quenching, the juice explodes, wrenching every last remnant of moisture crave from your tongue.  And I look at Blue Paddle the same way.  The thirst blasting qualities of this beer are what makes it one of my all time favorites (same as the watermelon), so from this perspective the two match perfectly.  But the flavor match is spot on too, the sweetness of the melon is a great juxtaposition with the spicy of the Blue Paddle.  The flavors highlight and mute each other in perfect time.  First you bite the watermelon and gnash it up a bit in the teeth, collecting all the sweetness and pulp.  Then sip on that Blue Paddle and feel the sweetness jump out and sing a sudden song of goodness.  This last jump of sweet, which was brought out from the spicy is then over taken by it, the spicy beats the sweet into submission before relaxing into a gentle bitter finish.  It's a real winner folks, just grab a sixer of Paddle and a whole watermelon on the way to your next summer function and give it a try, it will not disappoint.

But to continue with this point I would like to mention that as with most things me and my friends took this pairing one step further.  Remember the breakfast drinks made on the Forth of July?  We were at it again, but this time with watermelon.  We took some Blue Paddle and added chunks of pulverized melon to it:

All of that food pairing stuff I was talking about up above was taken up a notch or three, it was really good.  Here is Foos enjoying some:

So take this new knowledge and have a good time, that is what is important.


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