So I'm back from my weekend in the middle west and I have stories to tell.  It was a wonderful couple of days full of family time and friendly activities.  It started with Sunday at the pool.  All my brothers and their families were present and we swam and jumped off a nice diving board.  I tried to do a flip and didn't make it (it would have been the first successful Juicebox flip).  In the process my sun-shades went flying off my face and sank to the bottom of the deep end.  This deep end was over 11 feet.  In the act of swimming to the bottom for sun-shade retrieval my head felt like it was going to explode.  That is deep and I am not much of a water guy.  I suffered for those glasses, but I would do it again (they are nice shades).  After the Pool and the dinner that followed (fried chicken and potatoes) My beautiful bride and I took a quick nap to gear up for Sunday's main event: Full Moon Fiasco 65, the summertime underwear pool party of destiny!  We woke up just in time to ride my parent's bikes over to the park and see a lot of old friends before take off (double meaning: departure of ride and loss of outer clothes).  The gathering of friends was fun and old times were caught up on.  Then we proceeded, and by "proceeded" I mean that 350 of us went swimming in most of the major fountains in St. Louis.  It was fun.  At one point we made a human powered whirl-pool outside of a museum, shoes were lost, hair was tussled, and memories were made.  As we continued through the city all bodies of water were fair game and anything with a waterfall seemed to count for double.  It was a sight, all these people in their skivvies swimming where they wanted to.  It was just like I remembered.

At 2:00am-ish the wife and I started to head home and couldn't help but be overcome with elation about our evening (despite the feeling of wet undies rubbing against a bike seat).  If you are ever in St. Louis around a full moon you should catch up with these folks, they are experts in fun-having.

All of a sudden Sunday had came and gone and Monday was upon us.  This was family time to the end, visiting grandparents, staring at babies, and getting made fun of by my older brothers.  Again, just as I remember.

Tuesday was Zoo day and I got to touch a petrified giraffe's tail (I'm not sure that "petrified" is the proper word but it was old, dead, and dried up:

I'm not sure why the woman's key chain says "antelope" it absolutely used to be part of a giraffe (she was even standing outside the giraffe pen).  After the giraffes my camera headed to the monkey house.  It was super (mid-western) hot out so the monkeys were chilling in the shade and unavailable for photos, but I did capture a shot of my bride of the back of a bronze ape:

The heat and sun of the day made this an uncomfortable moment for her, but she is a good sport about most things and small superficial burns are a small price to pay for a great picture.

At the conclusion of our day at the Zoo it was time for Megan and I to head out to the airport.  It was a fun trip and now I feel recharged and ready for the final work weeks of the summer.  And it being FRIDAY! there are tours to give and beers to hand out, you should come by, it will be fun.

Until Tuesday my Freinds,



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