May I compliment you on the rear end of your week?


May I compliment you on the rear end of your week?

It's Friday and I (for one) am super excited.  This week has been busy and now I know that the weekend is insight and plans have to be made.  And first on the plan agenda is learning how to make better balloon animals (and hats and trumpets and stuff).  I have read books and seen demonstrations but my technique is still lacking.  So I am dedicating at least 55 minutes this coming Sunday to learning a better approach, and first thing on my list of balloon items to learn how to make is a hat that has a beer mug protruding out the front end:

And besides the balloon sculpture stuff planned for this weekend I think I may lay around, do yardwork, drink cans of Fat Tire, and generally laze about.  How about you?  What are you going to do?  Something great I assume.

Next up.... The first annual Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Colorado November 5,6,7 2010.  This specific kind of nerdery is right up my alley.  I am going to head down to Boulder, stay in a hotel, and meet up with my fellow bloggers of the beer world.  And I want to put out an invitation to you fine readers: do you go online and compose lengthy pieces of writing dedicated to frosty cold beers?  Or maybe have a  twitter feed entirely devoted to 4 packs of Stag?  Or maybe your Facebook feed is only relevant to people that know what flavor properties Cascade hops lend to an IPA?  If any of this stuff describes you then head over to the Beer Bloggers Conference website and sign up, you will not be disappointed (and you get to stay in a hotel).

Until next week my friends...


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