A fine day for beer pairings and story swapping.


A fine day for beer pairings and story swapping.

Well it's Tuesday, I was up early and ready to complete all tasks at hand.  And the task staring me right in the face now is this post, and for this post I wanted to offer a few things to you.  First, another great beer and food pairing: green chili beef tacos with Hoptober.  I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon stewing up some flank steak in onions, garlic, and a little broth (water at first, then eventually I could call it broth).  It slowly cooked, tenderizing and readying itself for the shredding.  On the other side of the stove I had a pan cooking up more garlic and onions and thrown in there were some fresh roasted green chilies.  These just weren't any green chilies either, these green chilies were tumble roasted right here in town by some guy with an awesome mustache (picture unavailable).  I de-stemmed and seeded the chilies, cut them into strips and added them to the pan for further cooking.  After a few hours of simmering the beef I let the broth simmer as the steak cooled to a more shred-able temperature, then my hands and two forks went to town on the meat, pulling it apart and stringing it out.  When the shred was complete I put the strings (maybe webs describes it better) back into the broth and then added the onions, garlic, and chilies from the other pan.  I stirred it all up and let it cook for another hour or so on a real light simmer.  When the food was ready I warmed some tortillas and chopped some cilantro and made tacos, glorious tacos.  At first I was thinking Ranger IPA would be the perfect beer for this dinner (as seen on my twitter feed @carnie_nbb (go ahead, follow me, it will be fun)), but as I went to the fridge for said IPA I discovered that none was at hand, but what was sitting on the top shelf were a few bottles of Hoptober, our Autumn seasonal (I prefer Autumn to Fall as a seasonal nomenclature (Autumn sounds seasony while Fall is to verb-ish)).  This is a great hoppy, golden ale that has wheat and rye and oats crammed in with the barley as well as five hop varietals giving it a really nice bitter bite.  This beer along side the (sort of) spicy green chili tacos was even better than if I had IPA in the fridge.  The Ranger would have been perfect if the tacos were spicier, but having kind of a mellow spice to the meat, the slightly mellower Hoptober was the right beer to have standing next to it (photo unavailable (you will notice through the entirety of this post that my camera was never handy when a photo-op presented itself.)).  The green chilies brought out the bitter of the hops and the citrusy and piney notes of the beer really made the tacos seem spicier and more full flavored.  The long-stewed meat and the Hoptober both had a nice lingering mouth feel allowing me to continue to taste the dinner between bites helping me slow down and enjoy the experience.  The meal as a whole was like two leprechaun's kissing while swimming in a their pot of gold, a little dreamlike.

Heading back in time from last night's dinner I would like to tell you about Saturday.  Now Saturday is the first day of a lot of people's weekend, but not for this guy.  Saturday is routinely the busiest day in the Liquid Center and technically my Friday.  At the end of Saturday I am either totally pumped for a night on the town, or profoundly exhausted.  This last Saturday I was extra ready to party, and here is why:

That there is the Watson Twins and they were playing a show in Fort Collins Saturday night and I am a fan.  But when the twins got to town with their band and had an afternoon to kill we here at New Belgium HQ we lucky enough to show them a good time, they wanted a tour, and I just happened to be ready to give them a tour (again, photos non-existent).  All five of them showed up Saturday afternoon (the twins (Chandra and Liegh) as well as Kip, Harris and Ed) ready to enjoy a few beers and hear me ramble on about the brewery that I love.  We talked history, process, wood beer, and culture (and other stuff too) all the while walking around and having a great time.  Then the tour ended and I went back to work even more excited about the show later that evening.  I was excited before, but after meeting the band and coming to know just how awesome they all are made me even more psyched.  Then the show.  It was great.  And if you have never seen them do yourself a favor and go see them as soon as you can (they are heading into the mid and upper-mid west as this typing happens) it will be worth it for you (I promise (and my word is as good as gold)).

And that brings us to the end, all ready to charge headlong into the week ahead.  Have a lovely day today, and make sure tommarow is even better.


And PS.  Here is a video to help show the awesome-ness of the Watson Twins:

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