Some interesting stuff... seriously.


Some interesting stuff... seriously.

The other day I was hanging out with my pal Aras (an expert packaging tech) and he was relaying some awesome stories about the new kegging lineand he had one that happened that very day that really stuck out for me.  The story was about  a message he received from a fan via a returned keg.  The keg came off the return truck that afternoon and was soon to be loaded onto the line for re-filling when he spotted it.  I asked if the message was still on the side and if he had snapped a picture of it yet.  He replied that he had and quickly pulled out his phone and emailed the picture (of the picture) to me (he has a very nice phone).  Now this is a seldom used technique for reaching the brewery, but I have to say it might be my new favorite.  On the side of a keg a woman taped us this message:

It is a Xerox copy of a polaroid picture scotch tapped to the side of the sixth barrel.  The picture leads me to believe that the message bareing keg is the one that she is hoisting into the air for the photo.  The message (as you can read) is that Fat Tire makes her strong, and boy howdy, does it ever, she is lifting that keg directly over her head.  Now only looking at the photo it is unknown whether the keg is full of beer or not, but I like to think it's full, it makes the message more powerful.  So in the end folks, if you know this woman, or if you are (in fact) this woman, know that we here at New Belgium HQ appreciate the message, and hope that you continue to get even stronger with the mighty powers of Fat Tire, and if you are in the Fort Collins area stop by and say hello, tell us you're the strong woman from the side of the keg of Fat Tire and we will deliver as many high fives as we can throw (and that is a lot (we're pretty strong too (all that Fat Tire I guess))).

On to more internet surfing.  I was poking around in the Youtube world the other day and I discovered a fellow named Rocky Mountain Todd and his videos.  He has all sorts of stuff on his Youtube feed, but his beer reviews are not to be trifled with.  He is a New Belgium Beer drinker and reviewer and I would like to share his 1554 (An Enlightened Black Ale) critique with you now:



His reviewing style is straight forward and unpretentious, as well as complimentary towards NBB.  I like him right away.  It's always nice to hear a beer review from a fan and Todd, please keep up the good work.

Alright folks, I have to get back to the Liquid Center and slang some tasters of beer, it's formal Friday down there and everyone is dressed to impress (and on that note, if you wear a tie into the LC today a prize awaits your formality (so dust off that tux and come on down and enjoy a Ranger (or whatever your dazzlingly dressed heart desires))).  And see you soon.


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