Is there a beginning to this end?


Is there a beginning to this end?

Well Formal Friday was a great success.  Never once however could we get a group photo, but trust me everyone was involved, and dang man, they all looked good.  And worth mentioning here is that not a single person (co-worker or otherwise) showed up in an (ever in poor taste) tuxedo t-shirt.  We had suits, ties, formal gowns, rhinestones, it was a marvel to be witnessed.  We also had a few guests in on the hot-hot Formal Friday action:

Please excuse the flip-flops on the little one, no one wants to constrain his tiny feet into the toe-numbing confines of a wing tip, but the parents are looking very sharp, and all the way to the shoes (both pairs were classy).

For coming in to the Liquid Center all gussied up these fine folks took home a 22oz bottle of Ranger IPA.  So In reading the twitter feed (@carnie_NBB) or heading over to New Belgium's facebook page ( and seeing mention of prizes for participation take heed my friends, take heed.  Now I know some of you don't live in town and for that I am sorry, but head over to your regional Beer Ranger's facebook page and see what they have going on near your community.

Next up in the worth mentioning category today is the Tour de Fat.  It has been on the road bringing joy to the fine people of this country for several months now and the next stop is New Belgium HQ.  The home town show is on deck and everyone is getting very excited about the whole thing.  I have spent days on end blogging about the glory of all the TdF's through out this country, and a few more days speaking directly to the Fort Collins show (if you want to read thestuff in question head on back into the archives of this very blog, it's all there for your reading pleasure), but the 2010 show is promising to be a real doozie.  And on top of the Fun that is bound to happen (so much your feet may catch fire (be careful)) I dare to mention that this is my first Tour de Fat in many years where I have zero working responsibility.  I am no longer a NBB carnie (to busy reppin' in the LC) and now I get to participate in the shenanigans of the show rather than setting the shenanigans up and staffing the different area's of shenanigans.  It is promising to be a great day.  I get to hop on into the bike parade without worry of hurrying back to make sure the bike pit is running, I get to sip on beers and watch the music from in front of the stage, instead of sipping on beers and trying to see the music with craned neck from the bike pit, all the while making sure helmets were worn and no bones were busted.  I get to wear a costume that isn't carrying the summer-time-stink of the previous 8 shows (to be honest, it probably will still stink, as the the only real costume I have is still in the suitcase, unwashed, from last season (that wig is going to be gross)).  If you couldn't tell from the tone of my typing I am super excited about this coming prospect, it will be a fun day to relive all my many wonderful Tour de Fat memories without any of the heavy lifting, or general back-breaking work.  I hope you can come join me in the real-time-fun that is bound to be presented.  Here is a primer for you:

That is some back-in-time action video from last year's home town show.  Are the butterflies of excitement building in your gut right now?  They're building in my gut that is for certain.  So be there or be square (as they say), or if it's to far for you to travel maybe find the Tour de Fat that is closest to you and go to that one, I promise it will be fun too (no disappointments allowed).

Thirdly:  I want to give a shout out (that is the term? (isn't it?)) to the woman on my tour around the brewery Friday.  She was super nice and a fan of the blog.  I didn't catch her name but I would like to say to her "thanks for reading!".  And for the rest of you, thanks as well, without you this would be a diary not a blog.


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