The Tour de Fat; A photo essay (as seen through the eyes of my telephone).


The Tour de Fat; A photo essay (as seen through the eyes of my telephone).

Well it's Tuesday and the big weekend is over.  I had a lot of fun on the other side of the Tour de Fat, and the show was something special.  Here is a small breakdown for you: the 2010 Fort Collins Tour de Fat raised over 70,000 dollars for local cycling organizations, had 15,000 people on the bike parade, and diverted 93% of our waste from the landfill.  Those are some impressive stats, but aside numbers and pats on the back I would love to share with you some pictures, a photo essay if you will (with brief commentary):

This dignified looking gent is running for Mayor Matthews Street (I'm not sure that is a real political position).

 The bald eagle in a moo-moo (one of my favorites).

 This guy traded his car for a bicycle and made the commitment to ride it (exclusively for a year).  The picture is a bit on the dark-side (color-saturation not the force) but you get the idea, lots of excitement surrounding his entrance.

(no discription needed).

I think he looks like a sheriff (with a monocle), and that mustache is truly in Tour de Fat form.

Frankly I can't tell whether or not these two are in costume (but it seems like they are enjoying themselves).

This had to be my favorite piece of this year's TdF.  It is a port-o-potty with a karaoke machine built right inside.  I got in there and did a rousing rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart (the folks outside standing around waiting to pee thought I did an alright job).


Then there is this (tastefully represented in black and white (and more recent than September of 1980)), and I am not entirely sure how to describe it so I will not try.  Maybe you should look up Tour de Fat and Tony Danza together on YouTube and you might come up with a video of the Boss in action.

Well there it is my friends, a quick stroll through my day at the Tour de Fat.  I think these pictures represent the Fun better than my words ever could.  So hopefully you can make it to one of these amazing shows this year, and if not, next year is always an option.



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