Friday catch up.


Friday catch up.

So this week has been rolling by smoothly.  We had my beautiful bride's birthday weekend of destiny (blog write up coming), we had a nice and steady first few days of the week in the Liquid Center here at New Belgium HQ, and now we are really into the thick of it.  It's Friday and the brewery is bumping.  We are hosting a big ol' industry party over the course of these few days to say hello to all of our beer making/slanging/enjoying friends.  As you may know this week is the annual Great American Beer Festival in Denver and is no coincidence that this beer party here at NBB coincides with the festival.  We are expecting over 500 beer industry friends at the brewery during these days and we have rolled out the red carpet.  But that shouldn't lead you to believe that the non-industry folks are walking on bare cement, no chance.  They are going to enjoy lots of beer that may not have been on tap in the last few weeks, as well as an amazing tour experience.  Everyone who stops by the LC in the next couple of days (beer industry or no) will have a time to be remembered.

So take this as a lesson and come by the brewery, it will be worth it.  And if you can't come by maybe crack a Fat Tire and sit on a porch somewhere looking at a sunset (that sounds pretty awesome as well). 

So I know that this post is just a quick catch up, but I also wanted to let you in on the next few blog posts to come.  As said before the birthday weekend of destiny will be covered and in that post I have some interesting pairings to offer.  One of the themes of the weekend was Blue Paddle and I want to show you how many awesome things that beer can go along with; food, bikes, wiffle ball, and beard growing.  Look for this post on Friday of next (one week from today).  And for next Tuesday I will do a great big wrap up of the Great American Beer Festival.  I was lucky enough to head down to Denver yesterday (Thursday)  and I wanted to show you all the festival has to offer a young (ish) man with a safe ride home.  So get ready to put your socks on friends, because I am ready to knock them off.

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PS, as a post parting word (or video) I would like to give you this because this great (and great stuff deserves to be seen (and stick around until the end, that backflip is worth it (trust me))):


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