Tomorrow is St. Arnold's day.


Tomorrow is St. Arnold's day.

It is October 29 today and tomorrow is October 30.  October 30 is a few things, 1: A Saturday 2: The day before Halloween 3: St. Arnold's Day.  Let's concentrate on number three, St. Arnold's Day.  If you don't know about St. Arnold, he is the Patron Saint of Brewers. Look here for the whole breakdown (thanks to St. Arnold Brewing Company for the link).   He was a pretty great guy and his love of beer must have meant that he loved the fun that accompanies beer as well.  Here at New Belgium we celebrate St. Arnold with gusto, it is a holiday that in turn is celebrated with a big ol' party.  And this year's party theme (other than Belgian style beers of course) is miniature golf.  Mini golf is a game of heros and here at NBB we don't take that kind of thing lightly.  Each department was tasked with constructing their own mini golf hole, and this morning while wandering around the Brewery I was walking through the cellar with a pallet jack full of beer and I stumbled upon the first finished hole, here is the visual breakdown:


the ball enters that cone when hit off the mezzanine.

the ball then runs through this curve.

Then these curves, and after the last curve it comes blasting out the end of the pipe (blasting my be an overstatement).

and lastly the ball lands on this section of turf, and then hopefully runs right into the hole for the most coveted of all mini golf scores; the ACE.

Some very serious thought and (even more serious) construction went into this hole and I was lucky enough to see the first running.  But don't fret friends, I filmed it for you (please excuse the audio interference, the brewery is always running, and running with the volume dial turned to 11 so there is nary a quiet spot for filming mini golf):

St. Arnold would be proud (and he would have most likely ACED it (just saying)). 

So all my co-workers here at HQ will be celebrating this great day, and maybe you too should head over to your local lumber mill and astro-turf supply store and procure the materials needed to build a mini golf hole, then go to the beer shop and buy a sixer of Abbey and have yourself a time in honor of St. Arnold.


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