The turkey coma has worn off (mostly).


The turkey coma has worn off (mostly).

Well that was a holiday weekend.  There was so much fun and shenanigans I am having a hard time keeping it all straight.  And remember that pretzel stuffing I thought I invented?  Well it turns out I didn't invent it, someone else had already thought of it (figures (that idea was to good to be original)), in fact several people had thought of it.  As I was surfing around on the internet I came across no less than three recipes for soft pretzel stuffing, but all of these recipes I found were written by folks who own soft pretzel shops.  Each of these soft pretzel honchos wrote a recipe that called for their brand of delectable pretzels.  Here in the upper reaches of the Colorado corn there is not a soft pretzel shop in which to frequent so I had to go rogue.  I developed my own stuffing and (get your pencils ready) here is how to do it.  Buy two boxes of frozen soft pretzels, let them thaw on the counter.  In a pot brown 1 big onion (chopped) and a bunch of celery (also chopped) in olive oil.  In a separate pan brown one pound of ground sausage.  When the veggies are starting to caramelize add a few sprigs of minced fresh rosemary and some fresh parsley.  Add some sage, stir it all up and continue to brown.  When the celery and onions are nice and caramelized add the sausage and 3 cups of chicken stock and let it all stew.  Grab your 2 boxes of soft pretzels from the counter and cube them up with a bread knife.  These cubes should be just about bite size.  Throw the pretzels into the pot and stir.  The frozen pretzels from the store come salt free so take one of the pretzel salt packages included in the box and add it to the pot.  Crack a little black pepper into the pot and stir some more.  Get your favorite 13x9 baking dish and butter it up really good.  Add your stewing soft pretzel/porky goodness to the dish and bake uncovered at 375 for 1.125 hours (or until crispy and delicious looking). The picture on the left can only do this dish justice in that you can see everyone ate it (all of it (seriously, they were like vultures)).  In fact they ate it so quickly I could not snap a picture in time.  So friends, you should try this dish, it doesn't need to be a holiday, it just needs to be a day, and today is a day, so maybe make it with dinner tonight. 


 There are more holidays just around the corner, and these forthcoming holidays are of the gift giving variety.  Do you have any ideas for the craft beer drinker in your life?  What about New Belgium globe glasses?  They are coming in a handy-dandy gift pack of two glasses for the wonderful price of $5.99.  So you could give that beer drinker two glasses, and when they open up the gift box they will have no choice but try them out, and lucky for you there are two glasses, so they will pour you a beer as well (it's a win-win).  If you live in the greater Northern Colorado area you can go ahead and skip the internet business, come on down to New Belgium HQ, we are having the same offer right here in the Liquid Center, and while you're here you can enjoy a few samples of your favorite beers (free beer is something the inter-tubes cannot offer).

So with that I'm out, hope your Turkey-Day was safe and spectacular and I will see you Friday.


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