Beer and the books that pair.


Beer and the books that pair.

Lately all I can think about is beer and food pairings, what cheese is best with Abbey Ale, that kind of thing.  But yesterday it hit me like a pound of feathers, we should pair other stuff with beer, not just food.  And the first thing to my mind...... BOOKS!

I started racking my brain figuring which of my favorite books paired best with some of my favorite beers, and here is a first, brief smattering:

Pair one: Fat Tire would go really well with Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio.  This book is a group of related short stories that, in stepping back, could be regarded as a novel.  It has a lot to offer the imagination, sweetness, bitterness, sadness, heartbreak, and joy.  Like Fat Tire, Winesburg, Ohio is well balanced, brilliant, and pretty easy going.

Pair Two: La Folie and Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.  Both book and beer are bold, full, unapologetic, and a bit slow going.  Just like how you wouldn't want to slam a glass of La Folie, Blood Meridian is best enjoyed in drawn out sips, it's dense and complicated and sitting back and processing what you just read is vitally important to understanding this dark and wonderful novel.

Pair Three: Trippel and The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.  Both strong and boozy, this pair captures the brutal, and the beautiful in short, understandable gasps.  And on top of all that I bet Hemingway, if he was alive today, would love a nice strong beer like Trippel.

Those are just the first three, I have ideas spraying from brain like a showerhead for elephants, so stay tuned and keep reading/drinking my friends.


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