This stuff will be a good time.


This stuff will be a good time.

I am going to take today and spread the word about something (I assume to be) amazing in the Denver metro area.

It's called Smash Putt!  It is part mini-golf (and you know my love of mini-golf), part kinetic sculpture, part bar, all awesome.  I read about this in the Denver Post this morning and I will be buying tickets this very afternoon. 

It takes two of my very favorite things, mini-golf and dreaming of the apocalypse, and puts them together.  This is happening in Denver over the next few weeks and from the looks of the website it is unmissable.  Just think, inventing your own rules to mini-golf, shooting golf ball canons, hitting a little ball at a hole, admiring the inventiveness of others, all the while drinking Smash Putt! signature cocktails .  This is a dream come true for me and I hope for you as well.  And during the week they only sell tickets for the upcoming weekend (and then next week they will sell that upcoming weekend's tckets, etc), so not much in the planning ahead department (which is just one more reason to love Smash Putt!). 

So watch the video, get totally excited, and head on down to Denver for Smash Putt!


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