Let's go to the New Belgium bike rack!


Let's go to the New Belgium bike rack!

Today is Tuesday January 11, 2011 (1/11/11 (that's a lot of 1's)) and it's super cold out.  It is one of those deceptive Colorado winter days when the sun is out and the wind is not really blowing but it is colder than the bottom of a penguin's foot.  There is snow and ice on the ground and facial hair freezing to every bearded man's chin and lips, it is bitter cold.  But here in Northern Colorado (as is true in many other worldly villages and towns) people still ride their bikes, they have the commitment and toughness that comes with being a bike commuter.  I thought today would be a wonderful day to head out the bike racks here at NBB and see what's there, see the commuter rigs: This first one is pretty sweet, an old school mountain bike, small in stature, but huge in usability.  The rack acts as a fender to keep the slop off your nice work wear and the front bag is big enough to carry lunch, the ride to work was cold enough (not to mention the inevitable ride home), no sense in riding out to get lunch.

The second bike in question was locked up out back, a little hidden spot that has no cover but is a little closer to production area doors, it's probably not going to snow anymore today so the covering is not that important and he was assuredly running late, so the convenience factorplayed a major role.  This bike is a beaut, it is a 2006 New Belgium Anniversary Cruiser in robin's egg blue.  This gentleman has put behemoth tires on the rims for better snow shredding and has left the fenders intact for cleaner pants and jackets.  Take notice of the front rack, he keeps a small octopus up there for company and conversation on long, cold winter rides.  The chain guard has gone the way of the ghost however, maybe too much shredding at too high of a level.

Bike three is a commuting dream, fast, decked out with a fancy saddle and a "lighting system", as well as a comfortable position (and it's putrid color works as a theft deterrent as well). This is a commuter's dream (my dream would add some fenders and a rack (but whatever)) easy riding in all weather and comfy for the long day's journey.

Those are some highlights from today's trip to the New Belgium bike rack, but in total I counted 36 bikes locked somewhere to the perimeter of the Mothership and it was to cold to head out to the Thunderdome without a puffy coat (it was in my locker) so those bikes didn't get counted.  It was cold today and these fine folks braved the weather and got outside and rode their bikes to work (or at least to have a couple samples of beer here at the Mothership).  Kudos to all of you, and have a beer when you get home tonight, you earned it.

Until next time my friends,


Oh, and PS: Jeanshorts January! (the totally awesome holiday that I made up last year where we all wear our best cut off jean shorts) is a scant 14 days away.  Get your jeans chopped down to shorts and start the fraying, you would hate to be underprepared (or under dressed).

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