Beer drinking and winter sports.


Beer drinking and winter sports.

There are lots of wonderful sporting activities to partake in during winter, and all of them go hand in hand with having a couple beers.  And like summer sports, canned-containered beers seem to be the best choice for pre, during, and post activity libations and celebrations.  Take sledding for instance, who wants to run the risk of breaking a bottle in the middle of your favorite sledding hill after the major shenanigan of the afternoon ensues?  Nobody, that's who, because breaking a bottle in the middle of your favorite sledding hill could have disastrous results, and what's the worst a can could do? Crush and become something that you have to remember to pick up before you leave.  Canned beers and out-of-doors type fun are a match made in heaven (like skateboards and big hills).  I know that I talk about this a lot (canned beer, that is), but it's something that I want to reinforce, like really reinforce, like stitching a third layer of denim into the buttocks area of your favorite pair of jean shorts so your bike seat doesn't wear through them (hence ruining them forever (and leaving you jean-short-less for the rest of the summer)).

Sledding is fun, and skiing is cool but both require much larger hills than are common in the Fort Collins Metro area.  My favorite winter time sporting event is pond hockey.  Here in Fort Collins our pond hockey season can be a little unpredictable, I mean we usually get a safely frozen pond, but we never know how long it's going to last.  Some years it's two weeks, some years it's two months.  This year has been pretty good so far, the ice has been hard and only small (barely dangerous) cracks have developed.  We have also had a really high level of interest among players this year, regularly getting 6, 8, maybe 10 folks out there in the morning making for fun games full of passing and trash talking (I excel at trash talking).  Another reason pond hockey is the game for me is that I love waking up early in the morning.  It has been a long, hard road of training myself to be a morning person but I have succeeded and that works out great because the ice is best first thing.  It had the previous day's sun to soften the surface and then the overnight cold to harden everything back up, making for an almost zambonied-like type situation.  And then there is the canned beer.  You don't want to bring a bottle to the pond for some summer time fishing and the same is true for the winter time hockey.  Cans go great in this type of scenario and early morning pond hockey is just one more reason to have a beer before the sun fully rises.  We start playing about 7am and the first break for a frosty one generally happens about 7:20 (and in this type of weather the beer stays frosty (coozies are on cans for hand insulation this time of year)).  Play will reconvene after a couple of sips and 20 or 30 minutes later we will go back to the (at this point) slushy beer waiting for us on the bench.  This winter has been good to me, so much so I am not yet pining for spring (well maybe a little) and as long as the pond stays frozen and the Fat Tire cans stay on the side lines this winter could last forever (at least another month or so).

So next time you wake up before the sun to pursue your favorite winter time, out-of-doors type activity have a couple of your favorite canned beers at the ready, it's a great way to remind yourself that no matter the season, no matter the weather fun can be had and beers can be used to celebrate.


and PS:  This coming Tuesday is Jean Shorts January! Just a reminder, be prepared.

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