Let me introduce you to Mighty Arrow.


Let me introduce you to Mighty Arrow.

Today is February 1st and at the beer factory that means that spring is here.  It may be -6 outside right now and there are some school closures in the area based on wind chill but that is not stopping the seasonal train.   Welcome to the first day of spring, and with it we welcome Mighty Arrow to a tap tower near you.  Some of you have gotten lucky with an early release and some of you have had to wait it out for the real launch, but either way, today you can mosey up to your favorite watering hole within our distribution area and order yourself a deliciously refreshing Mighty Arrow.  This beer is an American Pale that offers a light and quenching bitterness and a hint of honey sweetness that can stave off the cold as the days last just a bit longer and the nights start to shorten. Named for our co-founder Kim's beloved dog that left a lasting paw print around here at NBB HQ. 

And I cannot mention Mighty Arrow with out telling you about the wonderful program running right along side it.  Together with Outside Magazine we are donating $1 to the Assistance Dogs of the West program in Santa Fe, New Mexico as well as local and regional animal shelters throughout the west for every picture of your dog that you upload to the gallery located in the Mighty Arrow tab on our Facebook page. Head over there and let the inner and outer beauty of your pooch captivate all of our hearts and in the process set you and your poopy-dog up to win a grab bag of awesome stuff.  Every Friday until March 4th we will be picking a lucky picture of a lucky dog and sending the owner a NBB hat, the dog a fetching frisbee and a fancy new collar, and for both canine and enthusiastic handler: a subscription to Outside Magazine.  Sounds great huh? 

So put your coat on and head over to the beer store, pick up a twelver of Mighty Arrow, come back home, boot the ol' computer up, surf over to the Facebook, load that picture of the cutest little doggie in the world (you know, that one you have been saving for a special occasion) under the Mighty Arrow tab of New Belgium's FB page and then we will all see who's a lucky dog.


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