Tuesday Musings


Tuesday Musings

Killing time is an art form for me.  I have picked up many hobbies from my idle afternoons, everything from pointing out cloud shapes in the park to making croissants, I can take any day, any time of year and turn it into a pursuit of great reward.  In this vein every now and then I head over to youtube.com and start to look for recorded gems, things that are just screaming to be viewed, things that could entertain even the most hardened internet hater.  There are a few things that I love to look for, some video topics really blow my hair back (so to speak).  Often I type in "circus accidents" or "amazing jumps" and killing time is no longer a problem, the clock is slayed with ease.  And then there are the youtube hours that I want to entertain and educate myself all at the same time.  In these times I have learned how to tie a Full Windsor knot and learned how to fold an origami ninja star.  And Using youtube to educate myself about beer also tends to be a priority.  I often look up video reviews of new (to me) styles or seasonals and try to gauge what other folks think of the beer.  In these stumblings through the inter-tubes on a quest to learn more about beer I have found Adventures of RuBeer. 


This is quickly becoming my go-to beer knowledge resource.  Check out his break down of Fat Tire, it has everything, beer, metal, talking dogs, I mean come on, if that isn't a great review than I'm not sure what is.  He has reviewed a bunch of other beers too, craft, domestic, he takes it all on, head over and check it out.  And between unbelievable beer sessions he will even teach you how to play "Holy Diver" by Dio on the guitar.  


 Another way that I like to kill time is by drinking beer, it's delicious, refreshing, and boozy.  And who doesn't love a beer delivered right out of a firkin?  And this coming Saturday down in Colorado Springs there will a great way to drink beer and learn about firkins al at the same time.  The Bristol Brewing Company is hosting the 7th Annual Firkin Rendezvous, between 1pm and 5pm this Saturday over 20 breweries will be tapping firkins full of love and you can buy a ticket and then drink from them.  Tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the door.  I will see you there.

Go forth and enjoy friends,


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