Helping dogs is delicious.

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Helping dogs is delicious.

Only two weeks remain in the ol'-Mighty Arrow-Facebook-dog-picture-uploading-extravaganza/ contest-of-real-Fun-and-beauty-and-benefit.  In tandem (ahem... a bike joke) with Outside magazine, the New Belgium Brewing Company is trying to raise some money totally cute puppy picture exploitation.for deserving doggies who can't very well hold their own Facebook contests.  We are asking you fine peoples of the world to crack a couple of beers (maybe a couple of Mighty Arrows (who knows), they are perfect for the spring time of year (just saying)) and break out that camera, start snapping those oh-so-cutesy photos of your favorite, four-legged friends, then upload them over at the Mighty Arrow tab on NBB's (or Outside's) Facebook page.  Go ahead, you have (literally) nothing to lose and those little fuzz-balls have so much to gain.  Every photo you upload has a corresponding $1 dollar donation attached to it, ready to benefit some great, local poochie groups (up to 10,000 bucks) and right now there is lots of room left for more donating.  So get after it, get to photo snapping and to uploading, and together we can do some good, all the while sipping on some great beer (you know... Mighty Arrow... mmmmmmm).


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