Last Call for Filmmakers!


Last Call for Filmmakers!

This coming Sunday (as in two days from now) the submissions site for the 2011 cLips of Faith will be closing for the winter.  So get after, put those finishing touches on that masterpiece and send it over. cLips of Faith is heading out to St. Louis May 19th for stop numero uno and the total package has to be finished by then.  That gives us here at NBB a scant two weeks to watch, judge, rate, decide and splice the winners into their rightful spot in the winning film.  So you understand that the deadline has to be a bit finicky.  So get that laptop open and finish those last couple of edits. 

And please remember the rules:

Film length 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

Your film can be on any subject in any genre but for bonus credit,

try to include one or more of New Belgium's three main follies:
1. Craft Beer.
2. Sustainability (environmental statements).
3. Whimsy (spoofs, giddy candid moments, anything worth watching).


You need to be at least 21 years of age and reside in the United States.

Filmmakers must secure rights to all theatrical performances,
music and locations for each submission.
Keep it clean. Overconsumption of beer, gratuitous violence,
sex or nudity will not be eligible for screening.
By submitting your film, you are granting us permission to show it at our
Clips of Faith Beer and Film Tour, our websites and other New Belgium events.

What will be granted to the winning entries*?

Top 3 filmmakers will receive a 3-day VIP trip to the New Belgium Brewery to
present their film at Clips of Faith Fort Collins AND a Contour HD Helmet Camera.
3 honorable mentions will receive a Fat Tire branded Flip HD camera.

*Certain rules and restrictions apply.


So heed this last call, finish that film and send it in.  We want to make you famous.


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