Have you got a Fat Tire Story? I bet you do.


Have you got a Fat Tire Story? I bet you do.

Well folks it's Joy Ride time and that means we are all in store for some serious celebration.  There is a 20th anniversary celebratory beer called Super Cru (have you had it yet? (it is super great)).  This beer is a nod to the beer that started it all, Fat Tire.  Super Cru has more malts, more hops, some Asian Pear (to accentuate the wonderful hints of green apple found in Fat Tire) and a Saison yeast to add a hint of the funk.  This beer is a bit sweet and (not a bit) strong.  And it even comes in a fancy bottle (draft too), so head out into that dark night my friends and wrap your lips around the glass-edge and imbibe, drink it in and see what 20 years tastes like.

And speaking of Fat Tire... Do you have a Fat Tire story?  When did you first try Fat Tire?  Where do you take Fat Tire? Where does Fat Tire take you?  You have a Joy Ride and we want to hear about it.  There are lots of ways to communicate your story to us.  You can head over to newbelgium.com and write your own beer label, you can call 1-866-FAT-TIRE and leave a message, you can come visit the New Belgium Liquid Center have a sample and get your photo taken, you can go to an event and make a movie. We even have a random drawing if your creative juices aren't flowing quite as freely as they used to.

We are taking in your stories, reading, looking, judging, and then deciding on the best.  When we figure the best, we figure the winners and everyday between today and Labor day we are giving away a 20th anniversary custom New Belgium cruiser bike to those winners (you know, the ones that we decided were the best).  You heard me right, a bike give-away, everyday, based on the awesomeness of your content.  So get awesome and get ready to contribute, because you would look really nice atop that 20th anniversary cruiser (it's red and real sharp looking).  Head over to www.newbelgium.com and look over the rules and regs (there are a few) and decide which type of entry suits you best, or enter them all.  Either way we want your Joy Ride and you want that bike.


Happy, warm summer days,


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