The weekend just passed, and I barely noticed.


The weekend just passed, and I barely noticed.

I got to skip work on Saturday.  Usually I am standing in the Liquid Center slanging samples or moving about giving tours.  And Saturday is very busy here at NBB HQ (free beer and good times, that's what brings them in).  Usually we pass through somewhere between 1,000 and 1,600 kindly tourists and locals both, all clamoring for good times and free beer.  As a staff we enjoy Saturdays, they go fast because they are so busy, there are lots of people to make happy and tons of yarns to spin.  It is also the end of our week, our Friday, our chance to kick the week right in the mud machine. 

However, even if you like your job a surprise day off is still pretty sweet.  On my day off I drank Ranger IPA and got a straight razor shave (at the same time).  People do lots of things to relax: some fish, some get massages, some shoot guns at broken down Chrysler's blocked up in their backyard, I go to my local barber and get a shave, and I recently found out that having a few beers while I go under the blade is A-OK with the blade dragger (AKA: Melissa (AKA: the greatest barber in the world)). 

I crack one while sitting in the waiting area and reading Hot Rod magazines, and then crack another one during the shave, it relaxes me. The citrusy bang of the cascade hops in Ranger balance perfectly with the warmth of the shaving cream and even more so with the pre and post shave (warm) towels draped across my mug.  The hot, tightening sting of the after-shave on your cheeks and chin mimic perfectly the feeling inside your mouth as Ranger finishes quick and very dry And the malty backbone of Ranger IPA brings out the surprising balance of this IPA and takes its smoothly across your palate, just as the shaving blade glides across your face reducing your stubble to a faint memory. Drinking Ranger and getting a shave (at the same time) is solid gold, all aces, and it is something you should try.

In my quest for great beer pairings (food, cultural, etc.), I put Ranger IPA and a shave at your local, beer-drinking-friendly barber shop near the top.  All the balms and salves and blades and beers and coozies and barbers and patrons blend for a fine day's fun.


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