So I walked into Finance and Accounting...


So I walked into Finance and Accounting...

I needed to ask some finance based questions and no one was around.  I looked in offices, under desks, in the closet by the safe and nothing, nobody, nowhere.  My question was burning and it really needed an answer, but it was the darnedest thing, all the accountants were gone.  So I did what I always do when faced with this situation, I started wandering around and looking for the people I was looking for.  I made it as far as Planning and Design before I saw the whole F and A team in a back cubical.  At first I thought the were just hanging out watching Youtube videos of cute puppies, or maybe playing a math based board game, but I was wrong on both counts (get it? (a pun in an accounting vein)).  They were back in that cube trying to get physically fit with the help of a Shake Weight (I immediately forgot my question).  Now, I have seen the infomercials, I have seen it on the shelf at Target, and every time I have walked (or channel surfed) right by, the Shake Weight just wasn't for me.  I thought "that's ridiculous, there is no way a person could get fit by shaking that thing for only six minutes a day." 

But after that trip to F and A (hiding in P and D) I am a convert.  Those accountants are fit (like fiddles) and all of them attribute their high levels of fitness to the Shake Weight and the Shake Weight alone.  All they do is crunch numbers and Shake the crap out of that Shake Weight.  It only takes six minutes a day so they just meet in a back cube, Shake and pass and then go back to work.  I think they Shake as a group to keep motivations high.  And it is working, F and A is a good looking group (unlike packaging (too many beards)). 

Anyway,  What are you guys doing this weekend?  If you find yourself plan-less there are a whole bunch of things going on in the NBB event world. 

Starting tomorrow in everyone's favorite, weird, little mountain town, Salida, Colorado is FibArk, a great whitewater festival.  There will be boats and paddles and ice cold beer (and some ice cold whitewater), not to mention thousands of very tan people wearing Chacos.

This weekend is also cLips of Faith -Des Moines (which means The Moines in French).  This is film and beer at its finest, and in the middle-west no less.

And then back in Colorado, it's time for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival again.  Music, beer, fun loving people (also in Chacos), and more really good times. 

And then you can always look right here for more New Belgium event listings.

So there it is folks, Shake Weights and New Belgium events, it's summer 2011 (and we have time for both!).


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