Don't miss your chance to win the bike!


Don't miss your chance to win the bike!

As we approach the first dawn of September the chances of you winning a 20th anniversary custom New Belgium cruiser bike are getting slimmer and slimmer.  The Joy-Ride campaign is coming to a close as of the 5th of September and when that door closes so does your opportunity to win the bike.  As it stands you still have 5 ways to win- writing, talking, getting your photo taken, getting your video taken and the random entry, so get on it.  Here is the link to the page for entries and it should explain all you need to know about this last week (and change) of this wonderful contest and your odds of winning.  So keep it coming and we will keep picking winners everyday (for just a few more days).

Also, this weekend is the home town Tour de Fat.  That is right, the world's largest bike parade and world's awesome-est party are about to get dropped right here in Fort Collins.  If you are anywhere near Northern Colorado this weekend it is in your best interest to come on by.  Over the past 11 years this party has been at the Mothership (NBB HQ), but this year there is a venue change, make sure you take note.  This years party will be focused in the blocks surrounding Civic Center Park (follow the link for detailed details pertaining to such things as directions and addresses), if you are anywhere close to the right place you won't be able to miss it.  So costume up and prepare your inner (or outer) freak because this party is not to be skipped, great music, great beer, great entertainment, great times (all will be had).  The parade takes flight at 10am and the kegs get tapped at 11.  Now you know the all the need-to-know details, see you there.



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