It is time for GABF!


It is time for GABF!

This week in Colorado beer is a big one.  It is time for the Great American Beer Festival, and I (for one) am excited.  This is the biggest beer festival in the U.S. and the statistics are staggering.  Something like 450 breweries and over 2,000 beer to chose from.  Last year I found some real gems and this year is promising to be no different.  I am heading down Thursday night for the session and I am taking a camera, a notepad and a few close friends (and professional beer sippers) and I promise a write up even bigger and bolder than that of last year (I am shooting for a Pulitzer with this one).

A few breweries I am looking forward to visiting...

1. Ithaca Beer Company

2. Cigar City Brewing Company

3. Hopworks Urban Brewery

4. Jolly Pumpkin

5. Upright Brewing


Some non-beer-consumption-things related to my attendance of GABF that I am looking forward to...

1. Hilarious beer ad placement, like urinal mats and whoopie cushions

2. Seeing all my beer blogger friends and asking them the worst GABF question of all..."what's your favorite beer so far?"

3. Pre-festival-pre-game at the Falling Rock Tap House

4. Making jokes about the pretzel necklace varietal infusions and bombasity of said pretzel necklaces

5. Asking myself the persistent question "just what is that jarringly sour aroma hanging in the air?"


As you can see (read) I am ready for GABF and the shenanigans that will be assured in attending the largest beer festival around.  I am also looking to make predictions for the medal winners and seeing as how I might not be able to get this up-coming post up before the medals are awarded look for me to make bold claims of certitude (after the fact) and be right about most things.  And based on all the sour beers I am no doubt going to try there is all but a guarantee that my stomach will hurt upon my homecoming.  So tune in friends, this will be awesome.



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