Who Wants a Beer Cocktail?


Who Wants a Beer Cocktail?

My love of Blue Paddle and orange juice is widely known.  I have written about it a few times and even produced the most loved recipe (see link).  I would like to take today and show off some other beer cocktails that are close to my heart and taste good on my tongue.   These drinks are good and the mixer procurement should be pretty easy, so if something strikes your fancy- mix away (but make sure to send me the royalties check).  I also added some pairing ideas to ice the cake (if you know what I mean).

Drink one: The Depth Charge- 10oz of 1554 mixed with two shots of warm espresso.  The warmth of the coffee thaws the cold beer to just the right slightly-lower-than-room temperature kind of temperature to bring out all of the rich dark tones of the 1554.  I recommend this beer in the AM hours as an eye opener, the caffeine is definitely present and the acidity of the coffee brings a pleasant bitterness to this not so bitter dark beer.  Pair with pancakes and maple syrup.

Drink two: The Brass Shandy- 12oz of Ranger IPA mixed with 4oz of your favorite mango/lime juice (I chose Odwalla Mango Lime Twist).  This cocktail was great for the hoppy beer drinker.  It was bitter and awesome.  The Cascade hops leapt off the nose and the taste was a spicy-citrus punch of bitter and lime.  The lime enhances the bitterness to big levels and the overall grapefruit-ed-ness of the Ranger was sent rolling in the hay with the soft fruit tones of the mango.  Pair with tofu pad-Thai, extra spicy.

Drink three: The Frenchie- 3oz of La Folie mixed with 1oz of pomegranate juice.  HOLY SMOKES!  This is amazing! The sweetness of the juice mellows the sour of the wood aged La Folie and makes it taste almost like a fruit beer (which I guess it is with fruit juice in it).  The sour, when mixed with the strong, sacchariferous juice turns into the sharp blade of the beer rather than the broad edge.  This has dessert written all over it.  Pair with vanilla ice cream with strawberries placed atop. 

Drink four: The Sunshine Spritz- 12oz of Sunshine Wheat mixed with 4oz of San Pellegrino's Limonata.  The Limonata on its own is almost to much for my palate.  It is a very spritzy lemon drink that registers very low on the sweet scale.  I like tart stuff a lot, but this drink is cranked to 11.  However, when you pour one part Limonata to 3 parts Sunshine Wheat the tartness of the lemon is called to a background role and the sweetness of the lemon steps up front to hold hands and bow in time with the deafening applause of Sunshine's orange peel spice.  And the extra bubbliness of the San Pellegrino gives this beer cocktail a spritzer like feel that is down right refreshing.  Pair with a melon-heavy fruit salad.

Drink five:  The Baby Blue- Blue Paddle served over ice in a globe glass.  The piece de resistence (so to speak) of beer cocktails.  This takes my all time favorite summer beer and makes it even summer-i-er.  Keeping the Blue Paddle cold and (eventually) lowering the ABV as it melts, the ice enhances this beer into the upper stratosphere of drinkability.  It is so simple and so perfect and you should absolutely try this at home.  Pair with a warm-to-hot day full of Lawn Darts and bar-b-qued meat (still on the bone).

Beer cocktails are delicious and coming up strong in the press right now, everybody is concocting their own gems and I felt I could add to this spreading fire.  Hope this inspires you to get your mix on and try something new.



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