The giving-of-gift-type holidays are upon us and I am here to make sure you fine people make the right choices in the what to give your loved ones department...  Let me take this moment and introduce Shelby.  Shelby is a member of the New Belgium family and the head-artist-in-charge over at Meadowlark Creative, a local letterpress shop here in the Northern Colorado area.  Shelby was commissioned to make some coaster calenders in the NBB theme. A coaster calender is exactly what it sounds like, coasters (beer mats) that double as a monthly calender.  We like them a lot, and we figured they would make great gifts...

Unsure about letterpressing?  Here is a blurb from the mouth of Shelby herself-

Sometime inbetween the invention of movable type and proliferation of 24-hour copy centers, the craft of letterpress printing evolved from an essential trade to a forgotten one. Abandoned by all but a few craftsmen, the art of letterpress printing became that of a bygone era. Printing, it seemed, had lost its soul, its beauty, and its individuality.

Meadowlark Creative is bringing it back.


And with gusto. These Calenders are made by hand in Shelby's shop.  Each coaster was hand-fed 3 separate times into her vintage 10x15 Chandler and Price letterpress for three "hits" per coaster.  She printed 450 calenders sets with 13 coasters per set, that comes to 39 feedings at 450 times (holy smokes... that's 17,550 total impressions).  All said and done Shelby said it took her 30 hours to get them all done, pressed, organized and packed.

It was totally worth the effort, they look amazing, and you should buy a set.  There are two ways for you to purchase these little gems. 

Way one:  Head right over to Shelby's Etsy page at and purchase direct from the artist.

Way two:  Come on in to the brewery and buy from us.  The advantage to coming by the Liquid Center for purchase is that you also receive a beetle-kill wood stand for great displaying of the coasters in question (and you get to enjoy a beer or two). 

This is a great gift idea for everyone who needs to take note of the date (which I assume is almost everyone).  So get after it friends, it is time to bring handmade back into our collective lexicon and give gifts of meaning that were made with love.


PS... Photo credits go to Carrie Burger (she did a real nice job).

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