The holidays are over, time to treat yourself...


The holidays are over, time to treat yourself...

There are a few things that one must wait for; the doctor, good tomato plants, reliable NBC Thursday night programming, these things take patience. Another is treating yourself to a holiday gift. Just recently was the time of year that we must put others first, but now that's over now and we can start thinking of ways to spend money on ourselves.

Here at NBB HQ we have a few things going that fit into that self-serving-shoe very well, and you can still reap a few holiday benefits to boot (more shoe pun).

Idea number one: You bought some New Belgium Glassware for your friends and family this year but you neglected to stock your own cabinet. Wait no longer, The Glass That Gives is still giving and still going. Head over here and buy a two pack of these nucleated beauties for only nine bucks (per set of two) and receive free shipping (FREE SHIPPING!). You can also still enter to win free glassware if it ever snows again in Fort Collins. And when you do something nice for yourself we are going to do something nice for others. Every $9 NBB glassware purchase constitutes a $1 donation to a really good cause. Follow that link above for all the details and all the good causes. Come on, you deserve some new glassware after all the selfless acts you did this holiday season.

Idea number two: After you buy the glassware from idea number one you are going to need beer to put in them. A Folly Pack is just the thing for you. This is 4 different beers in one 12 pack, three of each. And right now those four beers are Fat Tire, Ranger, Trippel and Snow Day, a nice mix indeed (the four beer rotation rotates seasonally). These beers are the perfect blend of hoppy and Belgian styles and the box would fit just perfect in your refrigerator. Do not hesitate.

Idea number three: OK, so this one is technically a collaboration between New Belgium and Wolverine Farm Publishing but a great book anyway. The Tour de Fat coffee table book is a great way for you to spend some of that free time now that your in-laws have left town. This (mostly) picture book is easy to peruse while sipping on one of the beers from your Folly Pack directly out of one of your new New Belgium globe glasses. It is a chance for you to re-live all of your TdF memories and glean some costume ideas for next year, not to mention learning the history and meeting the people behind such a fun event. Head over to Wolverine Farm Publishing's website to pick one up. And while you are over there (at WFP's site) make sure to pick up something else too. They put out a number of great things (Matter 14: Animal for instance) that need to be on your coffee tables and book shelves. Smart reading for smart people (that is me pandering to you... (it feels nice, huh?)).

Get while the gettin's good and do something good for yourself. That is all.



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