Beer and chocolate anyone? A pairing for Valentine's Day


Beer and chocolate anyone? A pairing for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a pretty big deal around the ol' beer factory. It always reminds us of love and love is the number one ingredient in the beer we make, it is our thing, our goal. So, Happy Valentine's Day to you all, and remember to do something nice for your sweetie today. Maybe a candlelit dinner, some flowers.... Ooo, or maybe a beer and chocolate pairing served on a rose-petal-covered table, completely lit by candles of the romantic and aromatic variety! Yep, that's what you should do.

Alright, but Valentine's Day is today so if we want to pull this off we will have to get started now. Here is a shopping list of the important stuff-



Perfect, but when you get to the stores you have to consider what beer and chocolate will go together well. So today I am going to take a few of our newest and best Lips of Faith beers and pair them with some easily found chocolates from Chocolove and Viola'! The Valentine's Day of your dreams is just one quick trip to the store away.

A quick word on ChocoLove. They are a wonderful, Boulder based chocolate company that makes treats of the highest class and best assortment, and their chocolate bars are available at Whole Foods (as well as other places (but nationally, at Whole Foods)). The quality and variety of their chocolate is why I figured them into these pairing. Also, the word love is right there, it's as if this stuff was made for Valentine's Day beer pairings. So let's get to the skating...

First Beer and Chocolate Pairing: La Folie and ChocoLove's Strong Dark Chocolate, 70% cocoa

The really bold cocoa content of this chocolate will give the La Folie something to cut through. Both sides of this pairing are big and a bit electrifying, but in two completely different ways. I think the sour of the La Folie will act as a cleanser to your palate and cut through the richness left on your tongue from the dark chocolate. A contrasting pair to win the heart of your Valentine.

Second Beer and Chocolate Pairing: Biere de Mars and ChocoLove's Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate, 55% cocoa

The orange peel in the chocolate is complimentary to the citrus peel in the Biere de Mars, as well as the overall fruity tone to the beer. Most of the citrus/fruity tone comes from the lemon peel and lemon verbena, but the pineapple sweetness in Biere de Mars comes from the wonderful and wild yeast- brettanomyces. This tropical, citrus punch would pair perfectly with the orange hinted chocolate. Trust me on this one folks, I am a professional.

Third Beer and Chocolate Pairing: Cocoa Molé and ChocoLove's Chili's and Cherries in Dark Chocolate, 55% cocoa

I am most excited about this one. The pair is obvious because of the chili's? right, Yes, but the cherries too. These little bits of tree-fruit-heaven will fall elegantly in line with the cocoa and cinnamon in the Cocoa Molé. Not to mention the cocoa/cocoa pair of the beer and chocolate. This could be the world's first perfect pair, it is sure to blow the mind of the lucky person you share it with.

Alright, you are now armed with the tools to make this the best Valentine's Day ever, get out there get some chocolate and beer  and love on your sweetie (or find yourself a new sweetie)!



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