You like beer and skiing right?


You like beer and skiing right?

We are right (smack-dab) in the middle of ski season in Colorado right now. Over the last couple of weeks the snow around here has been dumping and that's perfect for us (and you) as we head full steam into the event season, because it's almost Scavenger Hunt time.

The Scavenger Hunts are a series of great New Belgium events firing up here in a couple weeks. The idea is that a team (2 to 5 people) shows up to the designated mountain on the designated day, gets their lift ticket and pays the entry fee of $10 and a clue sheet is then given out. Once the team has the clue sheet and the lifts open it is an all out race to collect the answers on the mountain. Some answers are easy, some are difficult, some are on the groomers and some are not. But the team to answer all of them the fastest wins, and the winner will be awarded fabulous prizes (including hugs from a man in a giant cowboy hat). All event proceeds go to local non-profits, and as usual, costumes are highly encouraged. Oh, and there will be beer. A big ol' apres' ski party-time-event follows the day on the hill and some wonderful prizes will be raffled off. Which leads me to the picture of skis on the right and the the Rocky Mountain Underground. The fine folks over at RMU have been putting custom Fat Tire top sheets on a few pairs of their remarkable skis every year as the top end raffle prize for the Scavenger Hunt and this year is no different. The RMU skis are all made up and ready for your winning raffle ticket. See there, one more reason to make a trip out to one of these fine events. Here is a list of the ski areas, the dates and the beneficiaries, take a look:



  • Snoqualmie Scavenger Hunt - April 1, 2012 - Benefits KEXP 90.3

I bet you can make it to one, we made it easy, there is even a couple on the western side of the country. So get your plans set and your team together because Scavenger Hunt season is almost here!



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