It was me, I was the one who cursed spring.


It was me, I was the one who cursed spring.

Yesterday (in Colorado), the weather was warm and sunny, spring-like. And in St. Arnold's Garden the crocuses were scarcely popping from the dirt. In celebration I posted this photo to the New Belgium Facebook wall with the caption "Mark it dude: February 27, 4:54pm (MST)- Spring has sprung."


Then this morning I woke up to snow falling and sub-30° temperatures. Life is so, so cruel. At this point I need to take full responsibility for winter coming back. I am sorry friends, this is my fault. I didn't think I had this much sway with Mother Nature, and I didn't realize the depth of her spitefulness. But know this good readers: I will try my very best to make sure spring keeps springing, and with gusto (I will write a letter if I have to).

All the love I can give,


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