I had a bottle of Le Terroir, then I drank it.


I had a bottle of Le Terroir, then I drank it.

I do not have a beer cellar. I have a shelf in my refrigerator dedicated to beer. Over time I have collected some great bottles. In there right now: a couple rare Avery's, some Funkwerks, a few from Crooked Stave's Wild, Wild series, some Russian River, and more. I also have a ton of our Lips of Faith beers: several vintages of La Folie, Eric's Ale, Dunkleweiss, etc... As I have accumulated beers I have run out of space. The shelf is maxed out. I hit the weight restriction months ago, and with the addition of two bottles of the 2011 Abyss I recently acquired the refrigerator's spacial summit has been reached. No more room. In figuring what to do I have drawn up true cellar plans to be executed in my basement. It is going to be nice, lots of dark stained wood, the bottles will be laid down on their sides, small spot lights for a dramatic aura, maybe a small water feature. But, considering the pace in which I accomplish tasks, the cellar is scheduled to be completed by the fall, of 2015.

What is the interim fix for this cellar problem? Start drinking. And last night I did. I cracked my last bottle of 2011 Le Terroir. This dry-hopped sour took home the goldest of medals at last year's Great American Beer Festival (American Sour Category). It is real gem. The nose is full citrus and the flavor is bitingly tart. The finish is dry and puckering and I really wish I had more. In the picture you will notice two glasses. My wife was home. Usually when I open one of these beers she is either not home, or not interested. But, my bride has a soft spot for sours, and this is one of her favorites. I even classed it up with the glassware. I had big plans for a food pairing for Le Terroir too, but once the bottle got cracked, beer distraction took over, and it was gone before we started cooking.

So in closing, if you, or any of your friends have Le Terroir, drink it, it is awesome. Or, send it to me.

With open arms,



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