The Tour de Fat just happened in Nashville, and it was awesome.


The Tour de Fat just happened in Nashville, and it was awesome.

Full disclosure on the Nashville Tour de Fat... I wasn't there (you know, like, physically), but I was thinking about it all day Friday and Saturday. Friday because the poor TdF carnies were busy unloading trucks of all the very fun, but very heavy stuff. And then Saturday, because that was show day. The Saturday morning of the show day I sent my TdF pals a text message letting them know I was thinking about them and that they should do their best to bring the greatness of the Tour de Fat to the good people of this world. And Nashville, from what I understand, was a really good time. 

The TdFers' brought the fun, and the people of Nashville partied like only the people of the Music City know how. We are talking about 2,300 people parading, dancing and drinking beers for a good cause. In all they raised almost $20,000 for local non-profits. Amazing. That's a good chunk of change for 5 hours worth of hanging out. And then there was Drew. Drew turned over the keys to his car, and in exchange was outfitted with a bike for riding. He swapped car for bike, and for the next year he will keep pedal underfoot and rely on his his legs and his heart for the motor. He is an inspiration to us all. 

And after the Nashville show last weekend the grand total of Tour de Fat fund raising shenanigans, over the past 10 years of shenanigans, has broken the $2,000,000 mark. 2 million, right into the pockets of non-profits the country over. That is pretty cool. And we couldn't have done any of it without you folks, having fun and drinking beer in the park. So, we thank you, and the non-profits thank you, because you deserve it. Go ahead, crack a Fat Tire and pat yourself on the fanny.

Find all the Tour de Fat info you need to know here, because it might be heading towards a city near you...

And thanks again Nashville, that was a good time...


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